Sunday, April 26, 2009

jhERiko sayS tHE daRnDeSt thINgs...

so, the other day, we went to a friend's house to play. jheriko got to jump on the trampoline. later, he and i were discussing the day and everything he got to do. he got to the part of playing at sarah jane's house and the tramp. "they can go real high,"talking about sarah jane and her older brother. i asked, "why do you think they can go real high?" his CLASSIC answer..."they got skills, momma."

demarko came home and realized he lost some important work-related stuff. we looked and looked. he called all the people who he had come in contact with. nothing. demarko was getting more and more frutrated. i asked him if he wanted to pray about it. he said he would find it. he then left to go to post to see if he could track it down. as soon as he left, i asked jheriko if he wanted to pray so dad could find his stuff. "sure," was his answer. i started off the prayer with thanks for the beautiful day, thanks for our family...i guss jheriko got tired of me "beating around the bush." he cut me off but saying,"daddy lost work things. help him find it." alright, out of the mouths of babes. when demarko got home, he still hadn't found it. demarko was still upset and not too happy. jheriko said, "don't worry, daddy, jesus got your stuff." a solider called the next day, saying he had it in his car.