Monday, December 29, 2008

gO hiDe, MomMy!

That is what i hear. then jheriko starts counting. "ready come." as i stay hidden in a good spot, i can hear jher say,"i found you.." "i found you..." "mommy, where are you?" i kinda help by saying.."jheriko, here i am." the laugh he gives when he finally finds me, is worth staying quiet. then it is his turn to hide. i have a litte easier time finding him...i just have to follow his giggle. if i don't find him in like ten seconds, he jumps out and yells, "i'm here, mommy. you find me."

he won't let me call him baby anymore. "i jheriko, mommy." last night, i got lucky. i was holding him, and i said, "where did my baby go?" jher said."i'm your baby, mommy." i cannot believe he will be a sunbeam next sunday.

on another note, i went to the gym today. i burnt 500 calories on the elipical thing! pretty impressive for this old woman!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

pam says tag..

Didn't really want to do this. pam said I had to. Why do I listen to her? It's not like she's my boss...
Wrapping paper or gift bags? However you want to wrap my present is fine...I do like the plain tissue paper with alot of pretty ribbons!

Real tree or Artificial? We bought an artifical tree this year. Our first year, we bought a live potted tree. It died within three days. I think it was a conspiricy!

When do you put up the tree?
We put this one up the day after thanksgiving.

Do you like eggnog?
Like it? No! Love it???? YES!

Easiest person to buy for? Dad probably was. Just pick out a box of chocolate covered cherries...what? you say he didn't even like them? you've GOT to be kidding!

Hardest person to buy for? I will just let you put your name in the blank.

Do you have a nativity scene?
Yes, mom and dad gave me the old, old one we had growing up. Baby Jesus with no arms, the angel with only half a face. I love it. We wanted to buy one in Germany, but with the exchange rate...

Mail or email Christmas cards?
I usually don't do either. I did do some cards this year. They are stamped and ready to go. I just need to mail them...

Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Never had a worst gift...all have been pretty darn sweet, even when the twins (Twins?) would wrap up yarn glued to cardboard.

Best Christmas gift you ever received? One is the Barbie Townhouse! Peggy and I wanted it sooooo bad. When dad brought it down, wrapped in tissue paper, it was so hard to go to bed. Another one was when I got the photo album my senior year. Mom had placed her wedding photo in it. I felt very lucky .

Favorite Christmas movie? "Christmas Story."

When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I I um...mail the chistmas cards?

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
Don't think so. I even ate the fruitcake Gwen sent me on my mission.

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Ditto to everyone who said everything.

Favorite Christmas song? Tennesee Christmas

Travel at Christmas or stay home?
The past sooo many years we have travled. This will be Jheriko's first in his own home. SOOO excited.

Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? of course...i may not beable to spell that one with one d or two, though

Angel on the tree top or a star?
looking for a nice something. we now have a snowflake ornament that is pretty lame looking. I just don't look up!

Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? morning. Dad would let us open one christmas eve...if he got to pick it out. didn't take us long to realize it was HIS present we could open...

Most annoying thing about this time of year? those lines at the stores...

Favorite time for Christmas dinner? early. it's good to beable to pick at the leftovers!

What do you want for Christmas this year? I don't know. What are you getting me?

Yes, I know the picture of Jheriko is old, but our computer is being dumb right now...or I just don't know what I'm doing. I like to kink it's the computer...

Monday, December 1, 2008

CHilD laBOr

So, Pam told me i was the worst blogger. Is that a compliment? Wasn't too sure. i am almost positive it wasn't! Honestly, truely, not too much is going on at the WATSON home. we do basically the same thing day in and day out. Just so you know, Jheriko now stands to pee. Yup, that is probably the MOST exciting thing to happen here. Our Christmas tree is up. So excited. We are going to have Christmas at our home. This will be a first for Jheriko. His first Christmas was in Berlin...that was fun. His second was at Aunt Pams...that was fun??No, really, it was fun. His third was at Garmisch...THAT was fun the Alps, going swimming everyday. i think, though, it is about time to start some traditions. I am going to try to add some photos. They are of Jher earning his keep!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i know...

so, yesterday was a big day. after going to the gym...yes, i am still going! so, after going to the gym, jheriko and i headed off to a meeting to evaluate his speech. when i took him in to one of his drs. appointment, the dr. said his speech sounded delayed. i took him in to child find. he excelled in everything, except one area. in fact, he was scoring as a mid 5year old in some areas! so, this appointment was to test in the area that was "low." there was a couple people on the team that was going to evaluate him. after looking at pictures and having jher point and tell what was going on, building towers, putting a teddy bear to sleep and feeding said bear, they finished the tests and said they didn't know why they had him come back. i do go back..i think next week, to get the formal evaluation report. gut feeling?? jheriko is just fine. the evaluator said he talks fast...humm. i remenber people saying i used to talk fast. maybe it's genetic? just kidding. maybe i still talk fast and he picked up on that because he is with me all the time.

Friday, October 24, 2008

what did she say????????

ok...this is so totally true, i couldn't even make this up if i tried. i just started going to the gym...meaning monday should have been my first day, but the boiler that heats the childcare room was down, so i just went on wednesday and today. wednesday, i worked on the lower body. not too hard. in fact, i don't think i was even really sore. so today, i worked on the upper body..yikes! there is alot of upper body for me to work on! no joke. anyway, and this is want all you helm people to pay attention to, the trainer said i have great body awareness and that my body is very athletic. that's right, you read it right. so there! out of shape and getting older, and now i am being told this stuff!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bathroom break

ok, i know the pictures are old, but i think that is ok. it kinda helps to tell the story. last night...or actually this about 3am, jheriko woke up and said he had to go potty. i turned right over in bd, "pretending" i didn't hear him. he continued to tell me he had to go potty. why can't he just wet the bed and let me change it in the morning???? that's ok, i helped him on the toilet, he went...with his eyes closed, and now he is back in bed-dry. and i am wide awake!

Monday, October 13, 2008

i will give this a try

right now, i have a batch of peanutbutter cookies in the oven. demarko is sleeping on the couch. he has gone into work at 330am the last two days. sunday, he came home at 730pm. jheriko is eating chocolate chips...yes, we put them in everysingle cookie recipe we do. jher then gets to eat a hand full of chips. nothing really too exciting is gong on. it has been freezing all day. i am going to try to add some pictures-don't hold your breath.....i may not be able to figure it out.

ok, i was able to upload one photo. now, i need to figure out how to mke it fit. this is, of course, jheriko. i think he is beautiful.

oh, i get it, i can choose, large, medium or small. that's a picture of jheriko and his grandma robbin (demarko's mom) and his grandma fran (demarko's grandma). yes, it was taken at easter time. ok, i guess that is it for now. thanks, kate!