Friday, October 24, 2008

what did she say????????

ok...this is so totally true, i couldn't even make this up if i tried. i just started going to the gym...meaning monday should have been my first day, but the boiler that heats the childcare room was down, so i just went on wednesday and today. wednesday, i worked on the lower body. not too hard. in fact, i don't think i was even really sore. so today, i worked on the upper body..yikes! there is alot of upper body for me to work on! no joke. anyway, and this is want all you helm people to pay attention to, the trainer said i have great body awareness and that my body is very athletic. that's right, you read it right. so there! out of shape and getting older, and now i am being told this stuff!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bathroom break

ok, i know the pictures are old, but i think that is ok. it kinda helps to tell the story. last night...or actually this about 3am, jheriko woke up and said he had to go potty. i turned right over in bd, "pretending" i didn't hear him. he continued to tell me he had to go potty. why can't he just wet the bed and let me change it in the morning???? that's ok, i helped him on the toilet, he went...with his eyes closed, and now he is back in bed-dry. and i am wide awake!

Monday, October 13, 2008

i will give this a try

right now, i have a batch of peanutbutter cookies in the oven. demarko is sleeping on the couch. he has gone into work at 330am the last two days. sunday, he came home at 730pm. jheriko is eating chocolate chips...yes, we put them in everysingle cookie recipe we do. jher then gets to eat a hand full of chips. nothing really too exciting is gong on. it has been freezing all day. i am going to try to add some pictures-don't hold your breath.....i may not be able to figure it out.

ok, i was able to upload one photo. now, i need to figure out how to mke it fit. this is, of course, jheriko. i think he is beautiful.

oh, i get it, i can choose, large, medium or small. that's a picture of jheriko and his grandma robbin (demarko's mom) and his grandma fran (demarko's grandma). yes, it was taken at easter time. ok, i guess that is it for now. thanks, kate!