Saturday, February 27, 2010


these are of dilly's first that little guy...

boys in action

Saturday, February 13, 2010

mY boYzzzzz

ok...just trying to get this post set i know why i don't post. i want to scream!!! i have already lost a photo. don't know where it went. the pictures are in just random order.

this is jheriko the soccer player. i also have video of the game....don't know where that went. technology is great.
i love close ups of jheriko. i think he is beautiful.
my sleeping beauties. love it when they are sleeping. too bad they are in my bed and not theirs!
ok...not the greatest picture. i was holding dillon...and he kept moving...all the pictures are just a little fuzzy.
there's my baby. yup...he is feeding himself. i believe he pulled the bib off. gotta love that baby face!

i love his eyes. sometimes i feeel as if i am drowning in them.
here is dillon in his big boy bed. if only he would sleep in it....
what???? put that tongue back in!
shhh...why does he oNLy sleep in the car?
i LOve my brother....
getting ready for the fourth...of february:)
don't look at the mess behind jheriko...
can't i just eat without you taking aNOTher pictURe?
love that smile...see, i am running out of things to say!
yup...another car sleeping picture.
breakfast at the watsons...
just take the dang picture...

so, there you go.