Sunday, November 22, 2009

BacK alReaDy.....

where did the time go? already the 14 days have come and gone...and demarko is back to work...

Friday, November 20, 2009

iT'S aBouT TiMe......

it's been a little while...well, ok, a LOOOOONG while. i just re-figured this blogger thing out agai...thanks kate. didn't realize i had to remember to add older pictures last...because when you add the newer ones, they go on top. oh well. here you go....

this is dillon..sweetest pick in the whole patch

jheriko and dillon.

dillon in the wheel barrow. he really is so cute....

jheriko going down the hay slide

just chillin'

farmer jheriko

at the puyullap.....being a firefighter!

this was awsome.....all these pots and pans to bang......
on a fighterplane

yup...this is what dillon did during the puyallup!

at an african village....

"fire" at the bus station

we went to the point defiance zoo. this is dillon there.....

jheriko climbing at the zoo....

for $5. one can ride a camel. since demarko is deployed, i thought we could spend $5 and give jheriko a 'taste' of afghanistan. ok, i don't really know if they ride camels was just a good excuse....

go jheriko!

he was so brave.....

dillon LOVED the aquarium.....maybe because i actually let him out of the stroller.....

going through a log



the polar bears at point defiance

who can resist that face?????

so sweet.....

ok, soccer is finished, but, just to give you a taste....

there's that face it!

ready to kick the ball in....

watch out pele...or david beckman!
well, there you go. things here are going ok. the boys are growing fast. love being a mom. demarko is now headed back to afghanistan after 14 days of leave. it was great to have hime home and feel like a wife again. at some point i may actually post pictures......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"hOW dO YoU...

pronounce his name?" the er doctor asked. i told him the C is silent....we pronounce COREYON to sound like DILLON. he just kinda looked at me. true story...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

dIDn't KnoW...

that wipes burn....

beth gave me a wipes warmer that she had gotten...from peggy? thought-why not use it? the wipes WERE warm when i used them. i just got to the end of the stack...and the last few were BURNT! could not believe it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iF YoU aRE SeNSitIVe...

please, do NOT read. if you have a faint heart, or are not up to honesty, just wait for another two tor three months for my next post....

so, jheriko and i got wet with the sprinkler. we both went to change. he got striped down to his boxers...yes, my almost four year old boy wears boxers. SO CUTE...he was messing around,i didn't know what he was doing, so i asked him if his penis hurt. he said no, but, "my boxers have a hole in them." i told him they were made like that. he asked why. i told him so that when he had to go peeps, he didn't have to pull his boxers down. he ran to the bathroom, whipped out his you know what, and peed. "momma, it works!" moms are SO smart!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

moTheR's dAy....

jheriko just came up to me...just now...and said, "happy mother's day, mommy." it is. everyday i am a mother is a happy day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

jhERiko sayS tHE daRnDeSt thINgs...

so, the other day, we went to a friend's house to play. jheriko got to jump on the trampoline. later, he and i were discussing the day and everything he got to do. he got to the part of playing at sarah jane's house and the tramp. "they can go real high,"talking about sarah jane and her older brother. i asked, "why do you think they can go real high?" his CLASSIC answer..."they got skills, momma."

demarko came home and realized he lost some important work-related stuff. we looked and looked. he called all the people who he had come in contact with. nothing. demarko was getting more and more frutrated. i asked him if he wanted to pray about it. he said he would find it. he then left to go to post to see if he could track it down. as soon as he left, i asked jheriko if he wanted to pray so dad could find his stuff. "sure," was his answer. i started off the prayer with thanks for the beautiful day, thanks for our family...i guss jheriko got tired of me "beating around the bush." he cut me off but saying,"daddy lost work things. help him find it." alright, out of the mouths of babes. when demarko got home, he still hadn't found it. demarko was still upset and not too happy. jheriko said, "don't worry, daddy, jesus got your stuff." a solider called the next day, saying he had it in his car.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i reMemBer...

going with dad to broulims in roberts to pick up some stuff. as we were checking out, he was offered a vhs. i guess broulims had a box full of the same videos they got for a promotional something. on the way home, dad and i plotted....we told mom that they were handing out free videos and we got to choose. the choices:anne of green gables OR greatest moments in sports history. we told her we thought she would like the greatest was not too happy! i miss you, dad.

Friday, February 27, 2009

is iT bAD oR WrONg???

i allow jheriko to answer the phone. i let him talk to the telemarketers. i don't even try to get the phone from him. i figure if it was really that important, they would ask to speak to me. it's kinda funny to hear jher ask them how they are. he then carries on a conversation that i am sure they can't follow. i just sit back and smile! BAD MOM!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

coUsin t ANsY

so yesterday, jheriko and i were on post. he kept looking at this girl (she looked to be about ten.) he asked me, "what she doing?" i told him i did not know. he asked if he could go see. he went over to her and asked, "how yer doing?" she just kinda smiled and shrugged her shoulders. jheriko came running back to me with a HUGE smile on his face, and said, "cousin tansy!" you know, she kinda did look like tansy.

Monday, February 23, 2009



What is your favorite comfort food, and what is your strongest memory tied to it?

as you probably know already...i like food. i love anything that is made with pasta, meat and tomato sauce. i can eat that anytime, especially if i am needing a little extra "love." i don't really have any memories tied to it.

i do LOVE vanilla ice cream. i do remember in japan, mom, peggy and lani always got to eat the chocolate. mike and dad ate the strawberry. i felt sorry for the vanilla. and because only i ate it...i got alot-or at least i didn't have to share.

What is your love story, how did you and your husband meet?

demarko and i met in texas. i was living about 30 miles from work and getting fed up with the commute. during christmas break, i moved a little closer to work. that sunday, in my new ward, i saw demarko. i thought he was kinda cute. we had insitiute or fhe or something. then the next week, it was cancelled. i got a call from demarko. he said he was calling everyone up to see how they were. later, i found out he only called me. by mid february, i couldn't get rid of him. he even came to school to bring me a valentine's present. i don't know. i think that is about it. i am glad we are married. i think sometimes he doesn't know what to do with me.

What are 10 things you are grateful for?


1.temples. i am grateful that demarko and i can be together forever.

2.adoption. i am thankful to beable to have jheriko. i love my little son-more each day.

3.books. i love to read and to be able to escape into another life-even for just a moment.

4.telephones. how great are they?

5.sunshine. i love feeling the sun on my face. i am even more grateful after living here. the few days of sunshine-nothing beats those after all the rain.

6.parks. i love going to the park with jheriko when the sun is out. all that fresh air is wonderful. i love looking at pictures and remembering the past.

8.sight. i have always thought it would be horrible to be blind. i love seeing things in nature. i could not imagine not being able to see how jheriko changes.

9.demarko. kinda goes along with #1. he is good to me and for that i am thankful.

10. ok, ok, my brothers and sisters, my mom and dad. you guys are pretty great!

If you could live anywhere, where would you go?

i think if i could live anywhere, it would be in italy...if they spoke english...or if they humored me and let ME speak english. something like that. i love the weather, the weather and the weather. i also LOVE italian food. since that isn't gonna happen, i would live to live by the ocean. i love the smell of salt water.

Who is your hero? (Why?)

i don't know. i don't think i have a hero. is that bad?

ok. i got this from kate. if anyone wants to be interviewed, shoot HER an email and she will come up with some questions for you to answer. i think your suppose to send me an email, but we all know how that will turn out! gotta say, this was kinda fun, when i had a moment to sit at the computer without jheriko. i did try to answer the questions honestly. really.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


here is jheriko with no hair. yes...i am VERY sad. i can't wait for it to grow back! jheriko is excited because he now has hair like his daddy. if you don't know, jher started shaving his hair. he shaved TOO much, so demarko had to finish the job.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

things i need...

so, i did this on facebook, but because i haven't posted in 5weeks...5weeks! i will do it here! what you do, is go to google, put yourname and needs...for example, i put in "jill needs" and hit enter. you all can do it. it is kinda fun. by the way kate, i am working on the interview thing...really!

jill needs to earn enough money to buy a new skateboard that costs $48.50.
jill needs you
miss jill needs to go out
jill needs to move someplace that doesn't necessiate wearing socks half the year
jill needs help!
jill needs a session on "what not to wear"
jill needs horror
jill needs to stop loking
jill needs a jack
jill needs a roommate

i said it on facebook, and i will say it again...i will not be upset if someone put my name in at "what not to wear." i will act surprised that my style isn't flattering nor stylish.

there you go. a blog. i am no longer 5 weeks without blogging.

on another note, jheriko is turning out to be quite a soccer player. he is very good-can kick with either leg and almost sometimes kicks the ball to the correct goal. gotta love that little boy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

answered prayer

our neighbor just came by. he asked if he could take down our fence. he needs to get a truck to his backyard tomorrow. the only reasonable way is through where our fence is. in return for letting him tear down a fence that is almost falling apart, (1) he will replace the fence with new boards.. and basically make us a new fence (2) we can have wood from the two trees he is haveing cut down. he estimates it should be about two cords. we won't beable to use it this winter, but next winter...oh, did i mention (3) he will cut the wood for us? hummmm,should we let him do this????

Saturday, January 10, 2009

WheN did He geT

sO bIg, hE caN Now wALk oN mY bAcK whEn i Ask HIm tO? WheN did He geT sO bIg hE caN hELlp mAke brOWnieS, mAke cOOl aiD aNd sET thE tAbLe?

Monday, January 5, 2009

HerE YoU gO

I got this from Beth, who got it from....
Now it is YOUR turn to do it!

Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person who tagged you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. And you can't use the same word twice. Good luck, it's harder than it seems.

What is your name: jill
Boy name: jheriko
4 letter word: joke
Girl name: june
Occupation: janitor
A color: juno yellow (that’s the color of snow after a dogsled team…you know….. I know they can‘t be made up, but what color starts with a j?…)
Something people wear: jumper
Beverage: juice
Food: junk food
Something found in a bathroom: jewelry
A place: japan
Reason for being late: just lazy
Something people shout: jerk!


And just for fun, here's DeMarko’s answers.

What is your name: Demarko
Boy name: Dale
4 letter word: Dumb
Girl name: Darla
Occupation: Dumpster Diver
A color: Dark Red
Something people wear: Dinner Jacket
Beverage: Diet Coke
Food: Devils Food Cake
Something found in a bathroom: Dirt
A place: Denver
Reason for being late: Didn’t set the alarm
Something people shout: DARN!

Now, for your info, our sunday meetings now start at 1:00. Can't say I love it. only 51 more weeks 'till we go at 11, then another 52 before we get the coveted 9:00. Should i make a paper chain to help me keep track?