Monday, December 29, 2008

gO hiDe, MomMy!

That is what i hear. then jheriko starts counting. "ready come." as i stay hidden in a good spot, i can hear jher say,"i found you.." "i found you..." "mommy, where are you?" i kinda help by saying.."jheriko, here i am." the laugh he gives when he finally finds me, is worth staying quiet. then it is his turn to hide. i have a litte easier time finding him...i just have to follow his giggle. if i don't find him in like ten seconds, he jumps out and yells, "i'm here, mommy. you find me."

he won't let me call him baby anymore. "i jheriko, mommy." last night, i got lucky. i was holding him, and i said, "where did my baby go?" jher said."i'm your baby, mommy." i cannot believe he will be a sunbeam next sunday.

on another note, i went to the gym today. i burnt 500 calories on the elipical thing! pretty impressive for this old woman!


Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Ahh...So cute. I wish I could play Hide and Seek with you guys. You would NEVER find me! ;)


Beth said...

That is too cute. Jheriko is such a good, fun kid. I wish we lived closer so Ben and Jher could play more.

Anonymous said...

I resent your Christmas Card yesterday. Hope you get it this time. Mom