Monday, January 12, 2009

answered prayer

our neighbor just came by. he asked if he could take down our fence. he needs to get a truck to his backyard tomorrow. the only reasonable way is through where our fence is. in return for letting him tear down a fence that is almost falling apart, (1) he will replace the fence with new boards.. and basically make us a new fence (2) we can have wood from the two trees he is haveing cut down. he estimates it should be about two cords. we won't beable to use it this winter, but next winter...oh, did i mention (3) he will cut the wood for us? hummmm,should we let him do this????


It's my life.... said...

Sounds like an offer you almost can't refuse. You just need to make sure your yard stays the same size... Is he worried that maybe they'll end up tearing up your yard with the truck, so that's why he's offering so much in return? How will you feel if that is the case? Just something to think about. (not to be a party pooper... just being cautious)
Love you Jill-berg!

snapie said...

Hey, I was so happy to hear from you. How the heck did you find me? Well I am glad you did. Your son is so cute. I think the quinns had sent me an e-mail when you all went to the temple with him. So very happy for you guys.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

JILL! We drive past your old house and I wonder where the heck you went in my life. I'm so glad you tracked me down. We need to visit!

Oh and I think it's hilarious that you and Elke are friends. I'm thinking the connection is Germany - the same connection she had with Michelle? Hi Elke!