Friday, February 27, 2009

is iT bAD oR WrONg???

i allow jheriko to answer the phone. i let him talk to the telemarketers. i don't even try to get the phone from him. i figure if it was really that important, they would ask to speak to me. it's kinda funny to hear jher ask them how they are. he then carries on a conversation that i am sure they can't follow. i just sit back and smile! BAD MOM!


Lani said...

Love it!!!!! -Lani

The Blair's said...

There is a thing called the Do Not Call list. It really works. When we first got our new home phone here, the only people who called were telemarketers since no one else even knew our number. We then got on the internet and got on the list, and presto, no one ever called. After a few months we finally canceled our phone service since no one called anymore! Ask Kate, it does work

Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Hey, funny story. I was doing the dishes on Friday, and I had the front door open (Glass/screen door closed) with the window down to let a breeze in. I heard a car pull up, so I leaned back and glanced out the front window. I could see it was the guys selling meat out of the back of their truck. Shoot! They're going to try to get me to buy some meat. Hmm...Well, I thought about it, and even though I had the radio on, when they knocked on the door, I just ignored them. I didn't answer the door, I didn't say anything. I just washed up my dishes. They left, but I'm not sure what they thought. They could probably see me inside. I didn't care. There is no law saying you have to answer the phone or the door when someone calls. I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. If it is important or someone I know, they will leave a message, right?

I love that you have Jher answer the phone. I bet he brightens the telemarketers' days when he talks to them, even if they don't understand a word he says. :)